A Zen Story

Enlightenment is a Myth!

This is the horsehead nebula in the constellation orion. Unfortunately, it is pretty much invisible to the naked eye.

Bokuju was meditating – meditating very deeply, meditating with his whole heart.

His master would come every day, and he would just laugh and go back. Bokuju became annoyed. The master would not say anything, he would just come and look at him, laugh and go away. And Bokuju was feeling very good in meditation. His meditation was deepening, and he needed someone to appreciate him.

He was waiting for the master to pat him and say, “Good, Bokuju. You did well.”

But the master just laughed. The laughter felt insulting – as if Bokuju was not progressing, and he was progressing. As he progressed more, the laughter grew more and more insulting. It was impossible to tolerate it now.

One day the master came, and Bokuju was feeling absolutely silent as far as mind can go; there was no noise within, no thought. The mind was absolutely transparent; no barrier was felt. He was filled with a subtle deep happiness, joy was bubbling all over, he was in ecstasy.

Thus, he thought, “Now my master will not laugh. Now the moment has come, and he is going to tell me, `Now Bokuju, you have become enlightened. ‘”

That day the master came: the master came with a brick in his hand, and he started rubbing that brick on the rock on which Bokuju was sitting. He was so silent, and the rubbing of the brick created noise. He became annoyed.

At last he couldn’t tolerate it, so he opened his eyes and asked his master, “What are you doing?”

The master said, “I am trying to make this brick a mirror, and by continuously rubbing it I hope that someday this brick will becom a mirror.”

Bokuju said, “You are behaving stupidly. This stone, this brick, is not going to become a mirror. No matter how much you rub it, it is not going to become a mirror.”

The master laughed and said, “Then what are you doing? This mind can never become enlightened, and you go on rubbing and rubbing it. You are polishing it, and you are feeling so good that when I laugh you
feel annoyed.”

And suddenly, as the master threw his brick, Bokuju became aware. When the master threw his brick, suddenly he felt that the master was right, and the mind broke. Then from that day on there was no mind and no meditation. He became enlightened.

The master said to him, “Now you can move anywhere. Go, and teach others also. First teach them meditation; then teach them non-meditation. First teach them how to make the mind clear, because only a very clear mind can understand that now even this clear mind is a barrier. Only a deeply meditative mind can understand that now even
meditation has to be thrown.”


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Wallow in the Mire

I am now a devotee of Beloved Guruji (Paramhansa Yogananda). In my journey beyond Maya, He guides. He has been, in fact, guiding me all along. But it’s only now I have come to understand this.


My seat is there in the Himalayas, in the company of Babaji and his chelas. This much is clear. I have to transcend this material body and get into the more refined higher subtle body (which doesn’t look different from this material body I possess at the moment.)


To climb higher and higher across dimensions. Do you still find it  difficult to believe in dimensions? Now even String Theory speaks of 10 dimensions that includes the 4 we already know.


Meditation – that’s the key – to heighten one’s Awareness. Awareness is the key to life and consciousness. Without awareness we are lost. Awareness comes from observing one’s breath – the IN and OUT.


Blindly and fanatically following rituals or a set of rules in life just because some so-and-so has asked or commanded us to do so is the height of absurdity. We need to turn inwards; there all the answers lie. Deep inside of ourselves we have the entire blueprint. Knowing that is the first step.


Knowing our Inner Being is knowing God. Becoming One with the Inner Being is becoming One with God. The climb is stiffer than climbing Mt. Everest, because there is no tangible goal in sight. At times, we would be in total darkness!! But the sheer thrill of meeting God will carry us forward.


We have to lose everything in the process. EVERYTHING! Fear will grip us hard. To conquer fear is the last step of transitoriness and the first step to Eternity. But it is a long, long journey. Every moment is a new beginning totally cut off from the past.


We are NEW every moment; we have nothing to do with the past. The past never did exist. It is all the play of Maya. Future is another big delusion of Time. Time and Maya go hand in hand. Do away with one and the other vanishes on its own.


Till then we are wallowing in the mire!

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Beyond Nostalgia

So many sunrises and so many sunsets later

So many times have we observed, haven’t we –

Of the night that comes and the sky that fades to blue and black.


Looking back at life, don’t we find that-

Life is fragile, delicate and easily broken.

Life is fleeting, momentary and captive in the hands of Time. 

Life is limited and partial as to our unfulfilled dreams.


Aren’t we all travelers passing through a dark and unknown wood at dusk, 

Each of us carrying a lone torch to reign in the gathering darkness. 

Looking ahead, don’t you see – 

Even if only for a little way – 

The lights of those souls who have gone before us, 

Like a river of isolated twinkling stars. 

And then?


And then those distant lights shimmer and finally fade away –

Unto where? Into a pall of shadowy gloom –

So misty that no eye can see through. 


What lies ahead, beyond that inexplicable twilight? 


Might there be a welcoming township, 

Where the silvery lights of a homing tavern gleam through the dark, 

Where a well spread banquet, 

A blazing fireside and a soft couch await each one of us. 


Is life nothing more than a countdown to nothingness, 

With every precious second ticking away like sand falling –

Falling relentlessly through an hourglass, never to be regained?


Can there be hope in the face of our own mortality?


A solution unto Immortality!


Yes, there is hope – 

A brilliant golden fire flaming on the horizon ahead, 

A sunny daybreak in the dark woods.


Through meditation one can move into a dimensionless state and then on through to different dimensions. The degree of freedom in the other dimensions varies according to the parameters of space and time. An extended consciousness of time gives more freedom than a contracted one.


We are actually stuck in a 4 dimensional (i.e. three spatial dimensions plus the time dimension) space-time warp or a subspace of the full universe. This subspace is just a cell or a compartment of the entire matrix of existence-consciousness (sat-chit).


I have always kept my mind open to newer possibilities and have researched throughout with an aim to enhance my understanding of subjects flying around at the moment. And so the never ending quest for the unknown continues…

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The Mind-Boggling ‘Occult Chemistry’

“Occult Chemistry” is truly an enigma – mind boggling!! Long before Bohr published his concept of the atom (1913), Annie Besant had already made a stunningly detailed occult investigation of the nature of the atom that were pooh-poohed by the scientific community of that time.

No doubt, Bohr Theory was the foundation which got many people to look at the behavior of electrons from different angles and led scientists, specifically Erwin Schrodinger, to the Modern Theory of Atomic Structure. But what is incredible is that as of today, scientific chemistry has put forward explanations that are in line with the explanations of the 5th level in Occult Chemistry. There are still two more levels of the atom that has been detailed in the book which science is still to discover.

The most compelling aspect of this work is the depiction of constituent particles within the atomic nucleus even although the orthodox scientific view at the time (1895) stated that the atomic nucleus was indivisible. Not only that, it has also been mentioned that each subatomic particle is composed of ten loops (or vibrating strings) which circulate energy from higher dimensions. This is the same as the Modern String Theory!! String theory proposes that everything is composed of incredibly minute strings or loops of energy-matter vibrating in ten (or more) dimensions. Occult Chemistry further goes on to expound that each string is in turn composed of coiled loops of even smaller particles!!

Our brains can only comprehend four dimensions – the three spatial dimensions (3D) and one temporal dimension (time). So according to string theory, six (or more) hidden spatial dimensions must exist beyond our perception. This is again the same as that described in the vedas regarding the seven planes of existence, of which our physical plane is the lowest.

The fundamental particle of our physical dimension as mentioned in the Occult Chemistry is yet to be discovered by modern science although Jogesh Pati and Abdus Salam theorised about it way back in 1974. In fact, Occult Chemistry goes on to state further that two varieties of fundamental particle exist (positive and negative), each with the same basic structure but spinning in the opposite direction. This is what modern science speculates as matter and anti-matter!!

However, conventional science doesn’t consider it possible for antimatter to be a constituent part of physical matter because the matter and antimatter would annihilate each other if they ever touched. Fortunately, under normal circumstances they don’t touch each other. Even according to Occult Chemistry, the 10 strings of fundamental particle never touch each other. Yet, if a positive fundamental particle (matter) did come into contact with a negative fundamental particle (antimatter) each would breakdown into 49 subtle particles. This is the energy of the next Higher Dimension which conventional science regards as pure energy (dark energy).

Again, Occult Chemistry states that an incredibly dense substance permeates the entire universe, and that every atom of matter corresponds to an empty bubble in this incredibly dense substance. {Think of air bubbles in water. We are mere bubbles in this sea of existence liable to bursting at any moment!!}. Now this field of dense substance is what Quantum Science explains as Higgs field – a quantum field that is believed to permeate the entire universe!!

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